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ERSRI.org is your source for the latest information from Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island, the state’s largest public employee retirement system. 

The nearly $8 billion retirement system works with state employees, teachers, the Municipal Employees’ Retirement System (MERS), MERS police and fire, correctional officers, BHDDH nurses, state police and judges regarding pension issues.

Here, you'll find the latest tools to help you plan for your retirement, calculate your benefits and eligibility, and understand how laws and regulations may affect you.

Planning to Retire Soon?

Are you planning to retire within the next nine months? If so, ERSRI offers group retirement counseling at our Warwick office. A benefit estimate and retirement forms are provided at the group sessions. Please schedule your appointment six to nine months before retirement by contacting ERSRI at 401-462-7600.

The ERSRI Customer Service Center is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

If you have additional questions, please use the "Contact Us" page. 
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News and Updates

Fall 2016 Issue of Compass, ERSRI's Member Newsletter, is Available Online

You can read the issue by clicking here. Articles include:

  • Treasurer Magaziner on ‘Back to Basics’ Approach to Pension Fund Investments
  • Legislative Update for ERSRI Members
  • Update on Pension Fund Investment Performance
  • A Letter from Marcia Reback & Roger Boudreau
  • TIAA Offers Free Financial Advice for Members
  • Post-Retirement Employment Q&A with Frank Karpinski


ERSRI Retirement Board - Special Retiree Representative Election

November 17, 2016: Employees' Retirement System of Rhode Island (ERSRI) is overseen by a 15-member Retirement Board chosen in accordance with Title 36 of the Rhode Island General Laws.
ERSRI is holding an election to fill an open position on the Retirement Board. All retiree members of the retirement system on the date of the notice of election will be eligible to be a candidate for election to the Board and to vote for a candidate.The Board, which meets on the second Wednesday of each month, serves as trustees with fiduciary responsibility over all aspects of the system i.e., financial, administrative, policy, etc. To learn more, please click here.


ERSRI Customer Service Survey

November 14, 2016: You may have recently received an e-mail from ERSRI asking you to complete a brief survey to determine how members evaluate the quality of services provided. The survey will take between 12-14 minutes and your answers will be useful as decisions are made to improve services. All of your answers will be kept confidential.

Your participation in this study is voluntary. Your decision to participate or not participate will have no effect on your rights or benefits.

If you have questions, please contact ERSRI at 401-462-7600. The ERSRI Customer Service Center is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.


Retirees: Does ERSRI Have Your Current Mailing and E-Mail Address?

Each month, ERSRI sends an e-mail to retirees letting you know that your Pay Statement is available to view, as well as quarterly e-mails letting you know when Compass, ERSRI’s newsletter, is available. Additionally, ERSRI will be mailing 1099 tax statements during the first quarter of 2017.

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R.I. Pension Fund Continues to Rally, Earns $45.8M in September

October 26, 2016: The state's pension system continued its months-long rally earning more than $45 million in positive returns in the month of September, announced Rhode Island General Treasurer Seth Magaziner today at a meeting of the State Investment Commission.

"Rhode Island's investments continue to deliver positive performance for retirees and taxpayers," said General Treasurer Seth Magaziner. "While this is encouraging, we are also taking steps to do even better. Our team is in the process of implementing our 'Back to Basics' strategy, which was designed to deliver stronger returns, reduce volatility, and strengthen retirement security for Rhode Island public employees."

September's performance marks the seventh consecutive month of positive performance for the fund, returning $45.8 million net investment performance and beating both the portfolio's benchmark and a traditional 60% stock, 40% bond portfolio. Year-to-date, the fund has returned 6.2% compared to its 5.7% benchmark. This growth comes despite first quarter fallout from the U.K.'s market-reeling Brexit vote.

International Emerging Markets were the portfolio's strongest investment category for the month, returning 1.31% in September. Year to date, emerging markets equities have returned 15.7%.A number of hedge funds continue to fall short of their benchmarks and lag the overall portfolio in 2016 to-date. Under Treasurer Magaznier's new 'Back to Basics' investment plan, the state is in the process of exiting a majority of its hedge fund investments.

Detailed information about the fund's investment strategy, performance and managers are published online as part of Treasurer Magaziner's 'Transparent Treasury' initiative at: investments.treasury.ri.gov

# # #

Treasurer Magaziner Announces Back to Basics Plan to Strengthen Pension Fund

September 28, 2016: General Treasurer Seth Magaziner announced today a new back to basics investment strategy for the Rhode Island pension fund, following unanimous approval by the State Investment Commission.

Among the changes that were recommended by Treasurer Magaziner is a significant reduction in the state's investments in hedge funds. Under the back to basics plan, the state will reduce its investment in hedge fund strategies by more than $500 million over the next two years, and reallocate these funds to more traditional asset classes.

You can read more about the plan here.